As we have passed the 100,000 grain mark today, we need to set some new goals.
1) Our goal for the fiscal year of 2012 is 1,000,000 grains.
2) This is going to be easy, because we already  got 100,000 grains in just 2 months
3) We still have 673,850 grains left to earn. We have 238 days to do it. That's about 2831 grains per day.
4) We are rank 667 out of over 35,000 groups.
Great Job!

Updated at 6:10PM 4/5/12
Hi! 11/30/2011
Wow, I must be forgetting my manners. This month we have accepted around 10 people into our group. Thankyou for the contributions of time you have given, to help save the world. I, EZ, thank you for that.
Hey! How ya doing? I'm EZ and I'm here to tell you that:
1) We are rank 1,365 out of about 13,000 groups
2) Our goal for the fiscal year of 2011 is 100,000 grains
3) Right now we have about 97,730 grains.
4) I did the math. we have 31 days to get 2,270 grains that is about 70 grains per day
5) Have fun!

These are the statistics at 6:20 PM on 11/29/11

So, basically, EZ is here to inform you about 50,000 grains of rice donated. Also, we welcome bignate123 to the group.

F4F Freedom to be a Freericer
Change it up. 10/21/2011
Finally! New people! Welcome B10Benjamin and HollyA. I wonder who they are ? Any way, nice to have more than a Good Job post around these parts. WE WILL BE THERE 4 YOU. WE WILL DONATE MORE RICE!
Hey there fellow freericers. Evan once again has important news to bring! WE HAVE BROKEN THE 30,000 grain mark!

Good Job! 10/12/2011
We have broken the 20,000 grain mark. great job!

We are averaging about 2,500 grains per day. Even better Job!
Welcome again. 10/12/2011
    Hellos again. Today, tonage joined. If he was invited, good. If he wasn't, even better. I have my guesses, though.
Welcome 10/11/2011
Welcom Soccer dude100. Today marks the day the first member joined.

More Rice, More Freedom
Good Job! 10/10/2011
On this day, our freericers have broken the 12,000 grain mark. Great job, you guys!